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any one have ginuine honda inner cases? bored or stock.....doesnt matter......
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Bradley Sharron will you be my friend? I promiss to never be a bad boy on the track again!! PLEASE!!! EH!!
lol im sick of ur usless posts EW, if u have cases tell me, if ur gonan post usless info dont bother lol, I NEED CASES :( .....and mxracer he knows my name i race agasint him when i go to wasahington lol, and he likes to take ppl out (me on the weekend lol)
I have a right side case. Its got a hairline crack in it, enough to leak oil slowly. But I think if you jb welded it it'd be fine.
no i need inner cases....and cant have a crack, a 117 will blow a hole out of that crack lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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