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I have a couple carbs I don't need anymore so here they go.

1) Genuine Keihin pwk 28mm ready to go.I tore it completely apart cleaned it,changed to the proper slide needle,added the heavy slide spring, and jetted it on my 150+r today.It should be jetted very close to other similar setups depending on where you live.You may have to move the needle or air screw and thats it. $140.00 shipped priority mail.This carb is the $340.00 retail one from yamaha .

2)1 Mikuni vm 26 that comes with the takegawa 138+r kit.It is jetted spot on for my 150+r and was just taken off today.The intake bell is polished and comes with the chp triple stage filter.The dirt in the pics is from dust sticking to the wd40 I spray my motor down after washing it ,it's not leaking I garauntee it.Looking for $110.00 shipped priority mail.

[email protected] If you want these I wont be around after ship so don't wait.


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