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Some stock... Some aftermarket. Make an offer!

3 stock crank shafts, -$11.00 each
1 stock head - SOLD
1 trailbikes race cam -SOLD
bunch of covers -$10.00 for all
1 stock carb with top and jetting -SOLD
1 Kitaco 54mm crank, needs bushings -$100.00 (this is $450.00 new)
1 Mikuni VM26 carb (not the knockoffs you see now) SoLD
1 Mikuni TM24 Flat slide carb with Kitaco manifold. Needs boot -$110.00
1 used 20 mm carb -$20.00
1 brand new 20 mm carb with filter and intake manifold(blue)-SOLD
1 stock trimmed ignition cover -$20.00
1 Kitaco inner rotor kit -SOLD
1 five-o skid plate -$30.00

all prices are OBO
[email protected]

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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