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Building motard bike?

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Hi guys,

I have a bone stock crf50 and im going to be racing it indoors on concrete.

What mods should i start with?

I plan on getting the joker machine tall boy forward mount bar kit.

Now what should i do for the chassis? I plan on keeping the stock frame for now. Should i run stock forks with HD springs or should i go with +1?

What about swingarm, keep it stock length?

What about rear shock?

rim size and tires?

Im looking to make the bike handle the best before i get engine mods.

Im 5 11 200lbs.

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whats your price range, budget, mid, all out?

a budget build would be tires, springs,
since i just got the bike im looking to get the necessary parts first, before all out.

For now i want to keep stock front forks, unless you guys recommend +1 fork tubes.

Is an ishock, or works or something better then an HD spring on a stocker?

Basically, will a longer swingarm and taller shocks make the bike ride better?

I wont be doing any jumping, this is a go kart track.
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Adding +1 fork tubes, HD springs, and an Ishock at the rear will give you more ground clearance for cornering -keep you from constantly scraping the pegs. Which in turn will keep you from crashing as much -don't ask me how I know that :roll:

I'm used to road racing, so I really miss the stopping power of a front disc. Might want to consider that as well.

Plus, in my opinion, these bikes are just way too slow without an 88 kit. I'd recommend the TB88 kit.(cheap)

Change the gearing and add some pirelli SL26 tires and you should be set. :D
Trail Bikes

Same kit at:

this one comes with the HV oil pump.

Many others sell this kit as well, look in the 'aftermarket upgrades' forum for best places, prices. :wink:
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I would recommend the TB88 kit. Good buy for the $$$. Get your bar kit, whatever you want. Front +1 fork legs with HD springs, and some way to bring the rear up a little too (swingarm/shock combo or just longer shock - depending on your budget). If you are just doing a small indoor kart track, then you are not going to be getting the speeds of an outdoor one, so you can probably wait on a front disk and spend the cash on other things. Maybe look into 1.6" rims so you can use a little wider tire properly and put a little bigger footprint of rubber on the ground.

...of course you can really go crazy too. I am sure you will eventually.

I would definitely raise the bike up with the +1 fork legs and stiffer springs and either a longer rear shock or the stiffer spring and the shock link that raises the rear. That will get you the ground clearance that is so important. You might want to look into some of the front end kits that include the front disc brake, that is a big improvement. The longer swingarm will help too, but make sure you get a shock that works with the swingarm. The high bars are a must at your size (no offense, I am 6'2" 220lbs) to keep you from catching a knee and wrecking. I wouldn't worry about wider rims until you have enough horsepower to need wider tires. I would run the Dunlop TT91 80/90 tires unless you are going more than 88cc. You will definitely want more power, but that depends on budget. You can spend from a couple hundred to 5000.
Storm Cycles has a mechanical front disk that works well for $190.
Since its a small indoor track you are really only on the brakes 2 times at most. Ill hold off on the disc brake till we go outdoor in april.

So who makes a good +1 fork setup with springs?

Who makes a reasonably priced swingarm/shock setup?

Whats the good shock to get? Works, ishock, fox?

I will definitely get the kit from

Is there pipe any good, or is there a better one?
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Ive decided to get this kit.

Chronic's Choice Full Suspension Set-up - $429.35 $379.95

This kit will raise your ride height 2" front and rear doubling your rear wheel travel from 3" to 6"!

Kit comes with:

- 4130 Chromoly Legs, 1" longer than stock Zinc plated

- Long life bushing

- Extended brake cable

- Stiff Aftermarket Front Springs

- iShock non res with rebound and preload adjustment
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At you can get this, with free shipping.

note, ishock WITH res

iShock Rear Shock with Reservoir 218.99

Red Baron Fork Extenders 132.99

(includes cable and bushings)

Applied CRF50/XR50 Fork Springs 37.99

Subtotal 389.97
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I would get plus ones with medium to heavy springs, I run a Romic rear shock because it has adjustable rebound. It works really well for road racing. you will probably be fine with drum brakes, and you can always go to better pads. I am on stock drums and pads and the bike stops great! My buddy just installed a five o front disc kit and the thing absolutely SUCKS. I was messing with him for a while saying he should be out braking me but after riding the bike I see why, the thing sucks. But on the other hand my other friend has the bombshell setup with disc and it stops pretty hard, the only thing I don't like about it is that it is either on or off. There is no in-between. I run the TB with gearing and the bike hauls. I would stick with the stock swing arm though, I installed a sano swing arm last week and I didn't really like it at the track, I am getting used to it but it just doesn't turn as quick because it is longer now, so I have to lean the bike WAY more so I am scraping peg a lot.
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Ah good info motarded. I have a motard race this weekend and I'm trying out that Romic shock. It's nice so far but we'll see how I like it on asphalt. Good info on the swingarm too.
Who sells the romic shock?

What pipe are you guys using with your 88cc kit?
Get a sano exhaust from chronic50s, all the stuff they sell from sano is always in stock because there location is near chronics.
I'm not sure who selss romic in the mini world yet. you can go to though and ask 'em.

I posted last night but I guess it didnt work. I use a big gun pipe and a factory mini's pipe. The big gun is for sale if you are interested.
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Sounds like you have your mind made up. I would stick to the plus one forks and ishock plan. You dont want a ton of travel and ground clearance for riding on the road. Bar kit, Plus one forks with springs, Ishock (nice for future upgrades like an extended swingarm), and a BBK and you should be all set with a smile from ear to ear.
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