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budget build help!

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what do you guys sugest for a budget build of 500 and under??

what brands do you prefer?
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you can easily find a z50 for 500 or less other than that i dunno.
sorry i mean what parts for a all stock crf 50.
oh i see! there are a lot of parts in the classifieds
I got a stock shock with a HD spring on it ill sell you that will solve your shock issue :p
used BBR SP-5 fork ---> 200$

used Ishock ---->100$

used swinger +2" --->150$

new handle bar ----> 60$

after getting a decent chassis, wait a little and get a Big Bore Kit like a 88cc or 108cc kit ( prefer TB ).
I built a crf50 with a takegawa 88 kit, tall bars, and stiff springs for $500. You have to be patient and find good deals here, on ebay, and on craigslist.
thanks guys. im not all that fond of buying used parts but ill see.

what about:

tbr fork leg/spring kit


pro taper bars

12" front wheel

m404/403 tires

tbr tall seat

bbr shifter
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Do you already have a bike and are going to put 500 into it or starting from scratch with 500?
^^^ correct. im not to concerned with motor. maybe later on. i just want get the suspension beafed up a lil more.
somebody on here is selling fixed up complete 70 forks for $150..and put a 70 swinger on it ...add a $100 shock....used Fox Float or Ishock...and you are in there. much under budget and a decent would even have cash left over for a pipe n filter/jetting combo....I have a Kitaco replacement shock with a heavier spring that I will sell
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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