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Brawl for it all

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Athlestine Wi. Heads up because it's early this year, less then 2 weeks, Sept 19th!
come out and have a blast, and I gaurentee you won't get last because I'll be there!


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What fun would this be anyway........


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It's way early this year, so it'll be warmer anyway.
Everybody eats, they crack open a half barrel, give away a ton of door prizes ( everybody wins) then Camp and party at the track, if you wish, then it's open riding on Sunday!
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I will be staying for open riding on Sunday. I'm 51 years old with a gut! Not really looking forward to racing, just going to try to stay out of everybody's way. Really looking forward to open riding Sunday though.
Just un-packed. I need a motor home!!!
Ill. boys,well father and son, dominated!
the double up tandem race was flat out crazy!
track was a re-groomed for open riding today. There were about 4-5 kids on it is all.
We rode from 10:00am until about 1:00pm with no questions asked. I did see the "No pit bikes" sign, but they seem to make it pretty clear it was going to be ok on Sunday after the brawl?
Guys are coming from Ill, you'd think we could find another track closer for them??? Don't want to shoot myself in the foot as Pine Ridge is only 65 miles north of me.
1 - 9 of 35 Posts
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