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Brawl for it all

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Athlestine Wi. Heads up because it's early this year, less then 2 weeks, Sept 19th!
come out and have a blast, and I gaurentee you won't get last because I'll be there!


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Can't wait! See you all there! Figured I would post up some more information, this is right off their Facebook page:

"It is getting closer to that time of the year again! The 11th Annual Brawl for it all is just two short weeks away on Saturday, September 19th! This year the entry cost will be $30, which will cover racing as many classes as you want, food, beverages, and many prizes and giveaways. If you are just spectating, it will be $20 and kids 10 and under are free!

Practice @ 12 - 1 P.M. Lunch 1 - 2 P.M. Racing begins at 2!!

Classes/Race Order below:
All classes are 6 laps unless it says otherwise

10" Wheel Stock

12" Wheel Stock

17" Wheel Stock

10" Mod

12" Mod

17" Mod

17-24 Schoolboy (Unlimited Displacement)





Father/Son or Daughter Race

Tag Race

Smage Slow Race

Relay Race (5 people per row)

Tandem Race (2 people per bike)

Vintage (1995 or older)

50cc Kids Challenge (4-8 Years Old)

Mini Brawl (14 and under) **10 Laps** (Top 2 advance to Brawl)

******Brawl for it All (20 Laps)****"

If you have any questions look up their Facebook page - Pine Ridge Raceway. You don't wanna miss it!!
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Big group of us coming from Illinois as always, keep your fingers crossed for good weather this year!
Awesome! I wasnt gonna be the one to say it (about the weather)! ;)
Yup and normally light a big bonfire and hang out. It is definitely an awesome event! Camping is included too
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See you boys soon. Feel free to stop by and say what's up! We'll be riding both tracks on Sunday
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About an hour away, looking forward to having a good time with a lot better weather than the past two years!
hell yeah you're lucky you didn't jinx it! Hahaha
Haha same here! Yeah I can't wait for next year. It was perfect this year!
They weren't allowing any pit bikes on the mini track Sunday. I guess the team 2 guys said they didn't want people on pit bikes passing their kids and scaring them or something like that
We rode from 10:00am until about 1:00pm with no questions asked. I did see the "No pit bikes" sign, but they seem to make it pretty clear it was going to be ok on Sunday after the brawl?
huh. What the heck. I heard the lady tell the people in front of us that it was peewees only so I even asked again to double check. And that's what she told me - about team 2.
My brother called awhile back and they said the mini track is usually off limits to pit bikes, but if there are enough riders they'd split it up. I'm thinking we need to get a big group to go up in spring to kick off the new riding year right!
I would definitely be down for that! Maybe talk to pine ridge in advance to give them a heads up if we pick a date. That would be awesome. Just wouldn't want to drive all the way there to get turned away haha
We've got good tracks in Illinois too, but the majority of ours lack the good dirt and uphill/downhill that pine ridge has. Can't say ive ridden a track that tops it there
yeah all the Illinois tracks are better on big bikes but I can't think of one that would be as fun on a pit bike. Sunset ridge has amazing dirt but idk about riding pit bikes there. The track is big and not sure what class you'd go out in or if they would even let you
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