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Brawl for it All Pitbike Race 10/1/16 Northern Wisconsin

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This year the race at Pine Ridge Raceway is on October 1st. Here are some details:

By far the best race in the midwest, hope to see you all out there!

It is getting closer to that time of the year again! The 13th Annual Brawl for it All is only weeks away! This year the entry cost will be $40, which will cover racing as many classes as you want, food, beverages, and many prizes and giveaways. If you are just spectating, it will be $20!

Practice @ 12 - 1 P.M. Lunch 1 - 2 P.M. Racing begins at 2!!

Classes/Race Order below:
All classes are 6 laps unless it says otherwise

10" Wheel Stock

12" Wheel Stock

17" Wheel Stock

10" Mod

12" Mod

17" Mod

Women's Race

17-24 Schoolboy (Unlimited Displacement)





Father/Son or Daughter Race

Tag Race

Smage Slow Race

Relay Race (5 people per row)

Tandem Race (2 people per bike)

Vintage (1995 or older)

50cc Kids Challenge (4-8 Years Old) **If we have enough interest**

Mini Brawl (14 and under) **10 Laps** (Top 2 advance to Brawl)

******Brawl for it All (20 Laps)*****
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The brawl was EPIC once again. Super good turnout and the track turned out perfect. Here's the lineup for the 20 lap feature "brawl for it all". There's more you can't see behind all these people

Where is the track you guys raced on? I watched a couple old vids of this race and didn't look like the Pineridge moto track. Originally I figured they just roped off 2/3 of main track or something, but I didn't recognize it, though it's been a few years since I was up there. The only one I ever saw up there was the little track for kids off to the left side of gravel drive coming in, that they probably started back in '02 maybe. I used to ride/race there a lot when I lived up there, back in late '90's early '00's. Always liked there better than Denmark, Fond du lac, Lake Geneva, Rhinelander..... and it was closer.
Yeah it's on the kids track to the left when you pull in. Perfect for minis

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Oh wow! That sure got a lot bigger and better since last time I saw it, was literally made for kids..... Might have been more than just a few years since I was at Pine Ridge.... Now that I think about it, was probably '08 or so...
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