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Brand new iShock M1-A3

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i have a brand new iShock that i havent even taken out of the box. i ended getting a shock given to me from a friend as soon as i bought this one so i dont need it anymore. Retails for 249.99 with out tax or shipping....ill take 190 shipped.

Email me if you have any questions or offers.

Thanks Casey

[email protected]

iShock M1-A3 with standard spring (140-200lbs)

Adjustable nitrogen pressure

Adjustable spring preload

Adjustable rebound damping

12mm hard chrome plated chromoly shaft

Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum body

Japanese NOK brand seals

Spherical bearings at mounting points

Chrome silicone progressive rate spring

Completely tunable and rebuildable

100% satisfaction guarantee

Lifetime warranty
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do you still have the receipt for it and would you consider trades? is this a standard or extended length? photos?
If it is extended (275mm) I am very intersted. PM me pics. Do you accept paypal?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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