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Brand new BBR CRF50 Handlebar Kit

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Mistakenly bought to put on an XR70, but it only fits a CRF50/XR50.

- Chrome high rise handlebars

- Black BBR triple clamp

- Grips with grip glue

- Longer front brake cable

- Black brake lever

- Longer kill switch

- Throttle assembly (Tube and clamp) with longer throttle cable

I am asking $100 plus shipping. This kit retails for $200 from BBR.
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Houghton151 said:
will you sell me just the triple clamp?

If you sell him the triple clamp, I'll take everything else. I need everything else, but the triple clamp for my Z50r build. You should do this:D
Someone has already offered to buy it. I need to fix the paypal account. I will let you know if the deal falls through.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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