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Boys from Illinois

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Alright you Boys from Illinois. We need to get together and do some riding/racing this year. I say we get a bunch of us together and head up to America's Fairyland and take on the boys from 50ccracing. Should be a riot. I'm just North of Rockford, IL. I've been talking with fifty247, but we need to get some more guys. Later. Mike :lol:
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I am in Aurora but There are a lot of people all over the chicago area. Some of us will be riding at Joliet this summer but we ride all over. I have rode with about 20-30 guys around here and there are a lot more around that I haven't met yet. Let me know if any of you guys are around the area and want to ride.
fifty247 said:
JL whats your real name mine is Tony and I have a Green kawasaki xr50

so I will see you at joliet

Name is Josh. This is my first year racing these things. You know what classess they have at Joliet? Does Joliet have a class for 88's or is it just stock and 110?
heelclicker said:
Hey Tony, do you know when the first race or practice is at Joliet? We'll have to hook up and check out Pecatonica (statelinemx), that's a cool stadium track. They'll be running in April. I just got done posting my bike pictures in the gallery. Later, Mike

Pretty sure the first race at joliet is April 10.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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