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Boys from Illinois

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Alright you Boys from Illinois. We need to get together and do some riding/racing this year. I say we get a bunch of us together and head up to America's Fairyland and take on the boys from 50ccracing. Should be a riot. I'm just North of Rockford, IL. I've been talking with fifty247, but we need to get some more guys. Later. Mike :lol:
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nice sounds good try to talk to JL he is from IL too
JL whats your real name mine is Tony and I have a Green kawasaki xr50

so I will see you at joliet
they have stock and 88open which is like to 100cc

and then they have the playbike class on the big track
hey i have a track up in lake geneva if you want to ride just pm me and i'll tell you how to get there
are you guys going to race at joliet on april 10th let me know I will be there #25
I found out there is 4 classes

extreme 50 stock (anything you want no motor work or pipe)

extreme 50 mods (anything up to 88 kit no clutch)

extreme 50 unlimited (anything you want)

110 class (on big bike track)

I did some practicing this weekend and broke my bike so it will be close but I will be there
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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