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I bought Tye's 165 off of him...took a little while on MY part to get the funds straightened out through paypal, Tye was very patient about it and was a pleasure to do business with.

I must say he was more than helpful with all the questions i had about the bike and shipped it out to me ASAP!

I picked up the bike at the Fed Ex terminal after receiving some disturbing info from the fed ex office that one of the packages was damaged.

However after a little pushing and name calling they brought the package to me danmaged as described...but all was good!

I called Tye and updated him on the shippment and he said he would make it right...

Then I unpacked the bike...HOLY "S" I have never seen so much bubble wrap and packaging tape!!

Not to mention I don't have to buy new rags for a year!!

Amazing packaging job!!!!!

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Tye, and the bike.Now if only I could start it..........
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