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Boring Cases!!!!!!!

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ok so i got that Klx110 head with the 31-24m valves? i think it was ... and its come with a older style klx110 piston bored out to a 150cc and i need to bore out my cases!!

just wondering whats the easy way out of it , because if i send it away now i dont think i will be getting it back soon because everyone is going on holidays etc...

mmk i was thinking it would be just a thin peice of metal casing to bore out but it seems you have to go pretty far down and looks a little hard to do ...

and i heard you can do the outside of the sleeve on the barrel? will that keep it reliable ? how would you go about doing that ....?

Cheers for any help!!!!!!
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If that's the 61mm bore, you aren't likely going to get the spigot small enough to fit in the cases. You want at least 1mm wall and 1.5 is safer. 1mm and shortening the spigot to the minimum to support the piston will probably live. Damn 88 kits are that thin and you can squeeze the thing hard enough between thumb & finger to keep an unringed piston from dropping through.
ok so it is possible ill try measure it up and see

how would you go about taking some off the "spigot"? either way im probably gonna have to take it to someone :( because i got Sh** all tools/machines.. so id be better off boring the cases?

Cheers for that.
You'd turn it in a lathe. ID chuck the top and cut the bottom.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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