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Bore kits

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If i get a takagawa 88 superhead bore kit will i still be able to race the 88 class or will i have to race open? If so do you think it would be better to get a 95 superhead or 106 superhead or will i be able to keep up with the guys in the open class with the 88 superhead? Also is an oil cooler needed for a 88 superhead if so let me know why or why not?
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no, the 88 class is only a stock head class. next year they might make a 88 w/aftermaket head class. If you are going to race open it would prolly be better to get a 106 or a 95 superhead. No a oil cooler is NOT needed for the 88
just get a stroker kit from trailbikes or dratv or something. to make it a 106.
What would be the best bore kit that comes with a stock head.
there are no bore kits that come with a stock head. If you mean what would be the best kit for a stock head then I would go with the TB kit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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