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Billetware cradle frame

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im sellin a billetware cradle frame raw... meaning that it has been sandblasted and is ready for paint or powdercoating. this frame is in perfect condition (it has no bends or dings) asking 300.00 but am open to offers i bought the frame a week ago off a buddy here in houston because it was sitting in his garage but now im tryin to get rid of it because where i thought that i had a use for it, however it turns out that i do not. will ship internationally if needed but at the buyers expense. once again i am open to offers so call or text me at 713-816-1608 or email me at [email protected](texting is the best way cause im not around the comp much and i never check my email)

somebody buy this thing
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text him or email him for pics he cant post pics from his camera. i just texted him to tell him to get online

frame has been reblasted and color is even .
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i have all hardware everything is obo.
i can vouche for this guy too he is a good honest person . and ive seen the frame and it looks awesome i would personally just spray clear on it and roll that way.
Was this a fire frame? It looks discolored on the part above the motor.
no it was going to be powder coated he just bought my reeg setup instead.
dude come on someone out there needs this BUY IT
ok... ill take 225.00 shipped to where ever in the U.S. and if thats not good enough make me a frigin offer and maybe we can work somethin out as long as its not to ridiculous
hahaha, what do you expect.. free up for a nasty frame that i wish i could purchase
id expect nothing less than that from 14 year old with with 30 dollar a week allowances
hey man, i just sent you a text. i am in houston and have cash in hand i will come pick it up. let me know whats up
i know this is old but do you still have the frame
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