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Some used 50 parts for sale. Prices do not include shipping. Send a pm or an email at [email protected], for offers and shipping quotes. Pm's are suggested, they are easier to keep track of. Thank you.

Douglas 10" billet wheel set w/ brake panels (will NOT seperate) SOLD

Fast 50s bar kit (clamp, bars, throttle, brake lever, and cables) SOLD

Stock forks w/ Two Brothers +1 legs and +1 springs, axle and spacer SOLD

OEM fork gaurds (new) $10

OEM wiring harness and coil $20

OEM gas tank, petcock, and gas cap $30

Stock shock w/ BBR heavy spring $20

Stock crf70 shock $20

FMF powercore4 for stock head SOLD

Two Brothers chromoly peg mount SOLD

Fastway F3 pegs $65

Takegawa 88 kit for stock head, cyl, piston, cam, intake, 18mm Keihin, K&N, and gaskets (not pictured) SOLD (waiting for new piston)

...or best offer on all parts.

1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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