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Ill give you a little story about BURNING BALLS

I race Jet skiis. Runabouts which are a sit down type..... Sea doos,

Well anyways when your in the water in the summer your in board shorts...

Well needless to say the way you fill them up is through a 5 gallon gan that you hold on your side when its full....

so the fill nozzle is on the side of the ski... and near the front where you can stand on the trailer to get above the hole opening and lift the can up and prop iot on yoru leg and let it fill.

Well when they get full they reject gas VERY FAST.

So one day im filling my SKi and the thing filled up very quick. The gas shot out ALL OVER MY CROTCH. Lets say that i hauled ass to the river to wash myslef but the burn had set in and i suffered all that day... I had no lasting effects from that but the closest thing I can say is when your younger and you put aftershave on for the first time.... thats what my crotch felt like for a couple hours....
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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