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Best Stock Brake Setup?

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Ok, if we are talking about stock parts, what works the best? I know that the K0-K8 bikes have a 4 bolt hub on the circle hole wheels and seem to use different pads then that of the Z50R 79-99. Z50R's also have a 3 bolt hub which seems odd to have lost a stud especially seeing as these bikes were geared a little more for off-roading then there older brother. So, what are the better ones to go with? Also, what are the best brake pads of there for the stock Honda setups?

Thanks all
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IMO K0-78 hubs the best, more surface area and bigger dia.

Brakes pads - Kitaco or EBC metal sintered (Listed for CT-ZB'S)
Ferodo Brake shoes work great as well. You can pick them up from Jeff at or any retailer selling Ferodo Brake Shoes.

As Mike has posted above, the K0-78 hubs are better, as long as you don't pick up a used set where the brake linings are worn way beyond spec.

Lots of used hubs you see on ebay are completely worn out and have been abused.

And, if you ever decide to go with aftermarket wheels, the K0-78 hubs are four bolt with lots of wheel choices where the 1979+ there are zero aftermarket wheel choices and you'll have to drill a new bolt pattern in the wheels.
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Thanks a lot. I figured that. Glad the pros could clear it up for me. I like the look of the newer style but that 3 bolt setup just didnt make sense to me. Now I know.

I didnt know EBC made them for Z's! Thats great. I have them on my classic Minis and love them.
WHat is the spec for the brake lining?

My front brakes w/ new pads work like poop.

Sorry to hi-jack
Not a prob. Great question. I just realized my back brakes dont even work:)
Not sure what the specs are for ID of the drum. But just a sidenote always clean the drum with soap and water, then isopropyl alcohol. Old shoes may have been contaminated by who-knows-what and that crap transfers to your drums. As long as the drums are within spec (somebody else please chime in with numbers) and there are no grooves that catch your fingernail, they are fine.
If same as CT 109.8 to 110.2 replace >110.5.
I had used a small wire wheel to de glaze the drum, b4 installing the new pads. I'm using the stock cable and a cheapo lever.

I think the lever and cable combo isn't helping. But my drum could be worn as well.
what about the TB shoes like i got with the slots?
I'm sure that some pads are better than others, but I've always bought the cheapest ones I could find at the time. I usually end up with the ones from DrATV. They have always been good with perfectly acceptable performance. Not disks obviously, but I can lock up the rear brake and pull stoppies without a lot of effort. Any brakes that can do that are fine in my opinion.
mine on the inside of the hub it says max diam 110
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