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best performance upgrades?

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ok so i dont want to go with a big bore kit just yet. whats the best performance mod? cam, pipe etc?
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first things first, get a cradle for the frame, it is the first mod everybody should do to their 110
but if you plan on jumping it at all GET A CRADLE!! you'll thank yourself whenever your footpeg bolts doing get ripped out of the bottom of the cases
it would be better to just buy ome, save you the trouble, all you would have to do is bolt it on and be done with it
i'm not sure if there are specs or not, but i know some people have made them, just use the search on the top right hand of the page, you might find something that could help you, but it is a one of the most important things, if not THE most important thing you can do to your 110, so whether you make it or buy it, you'll be glad you did
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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