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best forks for the money

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what are the best forks for the money not looking to spend alot do mostly trail riding i work at a place that is a parts unlimited dealer so i can get sp5s at cost i want to keep a drum brake and a 10inch wheel
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how about ktm forks what do i need to make that work
well they are not gonna work with your stock drums...if you are going that should just buy a cheap china front end and put stiffer springs in it
zooks be good but pricey.....still on the cheap xr70 with BBR emulators
i have a cheep china front end inverted forks what springs do they take??? never used them because they are to springy got off ebay months ago
and cut a piece of round stock to put inside to preload them
ok and for the back xr70 swing arm
id go with the BBR sp5s if you can get them cheap!! remember to change the seals for stock xr70 parts and heavy oil (30wt) if your jumping big
that is just the thing can ya get them cheep...I have yet to be able to....xr70's run around 100-130 complete with tripples right here....matter of fact I think there is someone selling a very nice dset for about $135 ya gonna spend at least $200 on a good used set of SP-5's....and honestly they are the same dang fork
bri113 said:
zorks. they will last a life time

what are these "zorks" you speak of?

Sorry, just couldn't help myself...
reserectedmxr said:
what are these "zorks" you speak of?

Sorry, just couldn't help myself...

there marazochi forks

but no 1 likes spelling that so we say zorks
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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