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BBR Super pro upgrade?

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I have a superpro w/ elka that is a +3. Can I upgrade to the older style +5 (not the new supercomp) without changing my shock?

Also, how do the older remote reservoir paoili shock work? The only super pro's I have seen for sale lately all have that shock. Thanks.
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yeah you can upgarde without changing the shock. you can even get the china version and run that with no problems. thats what i did for my perimeter until i saved enough to get the new adjustable super comp. i will be selling off that china swinger...

you can see a pic of it in my profile in the perimeter 50 album. plus 3 then the china 5. made a huge difference!
The older Paoili shock is not much good, I threw mine out after I bought the Elka. :)
The +5 will go right on but you will want a heavier spring since you're adding more leverage.The paoli shock was used on the first super pros and hasn't been used for a while so your setup would be one of the older ones.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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