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Hi guys,
I'm in the process of my first KLX110 build (full mod) and wanted to use the BBR Skid Plate and TRC Cradle. After buying it and trying to install it, I soon figured out that they wouldn't fit together as a "bolt on" part combo and had to be modded. So I searched PM for answers and didn't care for the options others suggested to make the two work together. So, I came up with my own solution after some thought. I thought I'd make a quick "how-to" post to help anyone in the future wishing to use both.

First, I ground down the spacers on the BBR Skid Plate with a grinder. I used duct tape around the spacers to protect the paint from the grinder wheel.

Electronics Technology Auto part Electronic device Electronic component

Next I moved onto my cradle and after some thought, I decided that the two spacers at the far end needed to be removed.

Auto part

On my TRC cradle, the spacers were tack welded to the cradle in 3 spots. So, with a dremel (you could use a grinder w/ cutting wheel if you're careful) I cut the welds to take the spacer off and ground the surface flush on the cradle. NOTE: Keep the spacers, you will need them later!

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After some spray paint to protect from rust and some drying time, my pieces were ready to assemble.
To make it all work, I arranged and mounted everything in this specific order from top (closest to the engine case) to bottom:
1. Footpeg mount
2. The two cradle spacers that I cut off (positioned on the front peg mount holes)
3. BBR Skid Plate
4. Cradle
5. Supplied bolts that came w/ cradle (I like to use blue Loctite as an added extra measure)

Below is a picture to help illustrate this arrangement.
Auto part Bumper Engine Headlamp Automotive engine part

With this minimal mod, I was able to use both without really hacking apart my parts. Also, in the rear of the cradle there were small gaps between the cradle spacer and my peg mount so I threw in a washer on each side to even everything out.

Hopefully some of you out there find this helpful!
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