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BBR seat sidepanel mounting holes

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It only took 2 turns to roach out these holes in the seat base. The other holes did not roach out at all on me. I'm going to call BBR and see what they say but I want to see what everyone here has to say about this. I was just wondering if one can just use some plumbers goop to fill in these holes and then try a longer screw of some sort.


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I had to drill the hole's on mine coz there wasn't even a hole to start with, but they took ok after that. Not sure bout the goop?

I struggled to attach the seat aswell like alot of people have, i found if you get the hooks on the base to slot onto the frame, then pull it forward & attach it to the tank first but you mite have to lift the rear up so the base connection sits on top of the the connecting holes on the frame. Once you've done that pull the seat back & the base will line up with the frame & attach it. Time to ride in comfort.
Man, I must have been the only person to ever get a BBR seat that fit fine...
I gave up on the mounting holes for now. I tried to just fit the seat on the bike and it is going to take some work to get this thing on. It is so far off. The stock seat drops right on with 0 effort.
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