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First things first, this is a collector bike the commands a premium - and is priced accordingly. This is an exceptional example of the original BBR Perimeter Frame upgrade for mid-size motors.

Before you could buy a decent perimeter frame bike, BBR made these kits to create a very competitive advantage for their buyers. The kit required a donor motor as well as a donor CR85 roller for parts. They were built to accommodate 150 and smaller Honda and Yamaha motors - this one was built for a Yamaha 125 but was at one modified to fit a CRF100 motor.

There is a bit of provenance with this bike. I purchased it as the third owner, the first owner being the original buyer - this bike has been discussed on many mini forums, photos may be found. The second owner purchased the bike for his 10 year old son, who grew very quickly and put a lot of abuse on the bike due to his size and failure to upgrade the suspension.

When I purchased the it looked clean and sorted, but every time I did something on the bike I ran into some other issue. These were sometimes minor, but unfortunate they became major. The frame had cracks.

I stopped the incremental repairs and completely rebuilt the bike, all pivots, bearings, anything old was replaced. The suspension was lowered (1.5” front) and all new springs and valving (175# rider).

But the frame was a real dilemma, to have it repaired by a local welder would require a very tricky issue - it would need to be heat treated and stress relieved and that would mean building a jig.

I called Duane at BBR to ask him how to address the issue. To my surprise, he said “send it back - we have the jigs and can do the properly. The bike as basically a loss at this point, so I quickly sent it off to BBR. I came back with every thing perfectly addressed. V-slotted and welded in some places, complete replacement of elements of others.

Two months after receiving the frame back, I heard the unfortunate news that the BBR factory and warehouse had burned to the ground. That means the jigs were shot - and there will never be another repair offered on these bikes.

I’m meticulous with my builds and my maintenance, so this bike is perfect. It has only been ridden dozen time since the rebuild, and all of that was either indoor concrete or ice - so there has been no dirt on this bike.

This is the ultimate do everything bike, I’ve raced Flattrack, Supermoto, and it’s ready for woods riding.

Here are the mods and setups:

  • 2009 TTR125L Engine
  • VM26 carb (VM24 works well too)
  • BBR 150cc big bore kit
  • Ported head
  • Heavy springs and 3-face seats
  • BBR Cam
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Custom Electronics plate, with bullet and Urethane connections (no tape/solder)
  • BBR CDI box
  • Anti Gravity Lithium battery - mounted in old airbox
  • CR85 12mm front suspension lowered 1.5”, Race Tech Springs
  • CR85 Rear Shock with Race Tech 2nd heaviest spring (rider 175#)
  • Rear can be lowered 1” with second hole in shock yoke
Chasis, Wheels, etc:
  • 16/19 stock wheels (CR85) with Fredette ice tires (can be swapped)
  • Galfer floating front oversized brake and adapter (original adapter included)
  • CR85/150R front brake
  • Breakaway clutch and front brake lever
  • Sliders on the fork and pegs
  • Rear sliders setup included
  • CR85 BW rear swingarm
  • 428 Renthal chain conversion
  • IMS pegs and shift lever
  • Skid plate
  • CNC upper yokes and custom adjustable risers
  • BBR gas cap
  • Cicra alloy bar protectors and custom trimmed covers
  • Ice bike hand warmers
  • Ice tires and covers (if you don’t need ice setup lets talk - I have options).
  • BBR header and exhaust - tuned setup, no air or rattling
  • BBR seat cover
  • BBR brake pedal
  • Custom rear brake line
  • Acerbis front supermoto fender

$8,000 BO
forsale @ ShawnSheely dot com
Located in Minneapolis, MN

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