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Ok well I have decided to build up a CRF70. Heres my bike that I have built over the past few months.

BBR Perimter Frame (07 Model)

BBR +5 Adjustable Swingarm w/Elka Shock (I have all three adjuster blocks)

Marzocchi Forks Revalved by Feal (Old Style)

Reeg/Excel Disc Brake Wheelset (This is the only 50 you will see them on!)

Two Brothers Exhaust


OEM Honda Cases (Bored)

Takegawa 124cc Stroker Kit w/Superhead

Takegawa Special Clutch w/Close Ratio Trans

Takegawa Shift Shaft

Takegawa HV Oil Pump

Takegawa Billet Superhead Cover

BBR Rotating Intake

Mikuni VM26mm Carb

This bike is top notch. No expense was spared while building.

You guys tell me what you think its worth...

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