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Well I need more money for a down payment on my house so hit me up if you want anything off my bike. The rear wheel,forks,throttle,bars,pegs and some other parts are spoken for.

The perimeter setup comes with frame,shock,subframe,billet plus 5 swinger(never used),BBR D-section pipe,TBR titanium pipe,two gas tanks,BBR chain guide,LS carbon fiber tank cover. Theres a hole already drilled and taped in the head tube as well for a oil cooler. Everything is compltly polished

I want 2000 plus shipping which I think is reasonable considering what all comes with it.

or i'll sell the bike complete with both sets of wheels and new kitaco 124 with new kitaco clutch for 6500 :) I know its a chunk of coin but add everything up. 75% of the bike is brand. The bike comes with everything.

The bike will come with:

Kitaco 124SE (new)

Kitaco close ratio clutch (new)

Kitaco IR

Takegawa billet oil cooler (X2)

BBR Perimeter frame (frame,billet swinger,gas tank(X2),TBR titanium pipe, BBR D-section pipe,elka shock)

Joker throttle (spoken for)

Pro taper bars

Universal bars

Acerbis black plastics with moneter/BBR graphics

Acerbis Bush guards

ASV clutch lever (X2)(black and plain)

BBR rear disks with 10" blakc rim (spoken for)

BBR gas cap

BBR chain guide

light speed CF gas tank cover

Marzocchi 35mm forks with 200mm disk upgrade (spoken for)

Skunkwerx billet 10" and 12" wheels. (machined for Marzocchi forks and BBR rear disk brakes) You get both the stock marzocchi and BBR rear wheel as well. One set for dirt the other for super moto.

If you dont want the Kitaco motor I also have a 124 takegawa super head with tak tranny and oil cooler.


Frame and wheel:

The bike before the swinger and graphics:

dirty :(

The bike is completly apart and ready to ship. But if you want pictures of different parts let me know. Hit me up with PM's if your interested in anything.


Give me a shout if your interested. 780-278-4855

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Is that a good holy sh*t? lol

Oh and I dont have pic's of the new motor in it because I dont even have it yet. Its being built by modifab.

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Thanks man

Its hard not to sell out. Its funny cause I always said I wouldnt sell my toys to buy a house...well that sure changes. Worst part is I was about to drop it off at the anodizers, now i'll never know what she would have turned out like. But i'm trying to figure out a way to keep it. lol

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MiniRacer153 said:
How is it owning a

I love it. little kids walk by and they think shes a wolf.

Sorry guys i'm keeping the bike, the FTW(future trophy wife) wouldnt let me sell it. :)
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