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BBR DOHC Perimeter parted for sale

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So I need an 09 450 for the upcoming year, so i need to sell my 08 crf450 and this little guy. He has been pretty good to me over that past years.

I will part it in three pieces. Motor, rear half, front end. You must cover shipping or can pick it up.

$3300 - The motor is a Daytona 119cc Dohc. It was done by mike castro when he was still with bbr and it rips like anything he does. It was built towards the latter half of 2006. Its had the valves and top end done every 12 to 15 hours. If i was to guess total the motor probably has 50 hours on it tops, i only race it and practice the day before. Slowkid6 bought my other dohc if you want to ask about how maintained and fast my bikes are. It also has a takegawa clutch/takegawa and chp 4-speed/Tokyo Mods full system with adjustable maps/takegawa oil cooler/26mm mikuni carb.

2 Issues: I have broke the back mount before, which happens on every 50 motor i own, but it was welded and is stronger than before. You can see it in the pic, it did not crack the cases or have any effect on the motor. It's been fine since i welded it a year ago. If you look at the clutch case the coating or something is coming off, i am not sure, you might be able to just polish it but i am not good with that and didn't want to mess it up. These are really little details but you should know.

$1950 - The frame and swingarm is in great condition along with the wheel. I have the title for it. It's a midsize frame so it's like klx110 frame but for a crf50 motor. I have it set up as a 10" bike and yes it meets the vegas wheelbase rules. It has the BBR Elka Shock and you do get is a full is full 10" wheel and BBR rear disc brake system.

$650 - The forks are marzocchi shivers. the longer 110 size. Dual rebound and compression. No nitrate coating cause they were the first batch that came out of the duals. The forks valved and set up by BBR. Formula Brakes. 12" front wheel.

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