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BBR 12" front rim

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Any tricks to lacing and trueing the rim? I know I have to drill the hub for the HD spokes, no problem there. I am just wondering about the initial spoke install.
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- I just did one myself .

- Remember there are 2 diff bends to the spokes ! That's why they are in seperate bags .

- The one with the 90 degree bend goes on the outside edges of the hub .
wait i thought this was about a BBR rim not truing a wheel...

well install all the spokes loosley then start with 4 ouside spokes on both sides until the wheel is centered, then tighten the rest of the spokes in a criss cross switch pattern (4 on one side, then 4 on the other side, every 8 spokes tightened move from outside-to-inside-to outside..)then after there all tightened make the final ajustments to get it straight.
Cool thanks for the info guys, I have the use of jig for the rim so it should be a breeze..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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