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Well, I haven't raced in a series since ysr racing in '04. I took the x2r to the track yesterday for the first race of the season (it's a short season)

I missed the practice they had in may and I'd only riden the bike with the supermoto wheels up the street once, so I really didn't have much feel for it.

Let's see...

-crashed twice in the heat race (I think on the same corner)

-white men still can't jump (but I did better than a lot of people in the flat dirt sections)

-slowest bike at the track (accel and top end)

-had a titty popping blast duking it out with a TTR in the main race (the dirt was right before the straight, so that was my ace card)

-finished second!

-I think the stock kendas should be a good match for the rest of the field once I get more used to them...and switch back to the high mount peg bracket, it's true, the straight mount kills the ground clearance for pavement.

-There was actually only two guys in the mini class, we agreed it was too lonely out there so we ran our main with the more populated lightweight class...but I still got a trophy.
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