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Attention all NC FIDDY riders

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We are trying to get a date and a location to have a mini moto ride. We are tryin' to do a full ride day or start early afternoon. We are in Charlotte but we are willing to travel. We have a go kart road course we are trying to get permission to do a big day on for everyone. Yall' get in touch with ideas and lets get something going.

Chris Flowe


Orange Extreme :!:
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Are we talkin SuperMoto or dirt. either one is fine with me. I would be glad to help out in any way I can. I live in the raleigh area. I have been wanting to put on pit bike national for a while now but have not had any good opertunities yet. maybe this can be the one if we can all pull together.

Why don't we have it at thundervalley there pitibike track as lights so you can ride all day/night!

Do you have any pictures of the pit bike track? If so post em up on the thread please.
No I ride A KTM SX125 #111. Sorry. U might have seen me around before.
ooh what done to your pitbike? and is your name neil?

No my name is Andrew. y do u ask?

so far I have ported the head, made a exhust, fast 50s graphics and some other lil things from fast 50s. over sized foot pegs, BBR heavy duty peg mount, frame and swing arm is yellow with red hubs, heavy duty suspension, Protaper bars with a BBR triple clamp, cut fenders,super grip seat cover, and some other things I cant remeber. here is a pic.

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what part of NC are u living in? That would be great o have some one to ride with. We dont really have any pit biket racks around here, besides back yard tracks. Post some pics of yuour bike. Ona completly diferent note, what happend to all that rain that was supposed to come today? Not complaining just wondering.
I cant go saturday I got some stuff with my church I got to do, but what about sunday? By the way, what is your name mxbillyu812? Mine be Andrew, atleast it was last time I checked, lol :lol: :D :lol:
We did have around 15+ guys showing up in Asheboro every Thursday for the parking lot races at the Yamaha shop, but that got shut down. The committee to stop motorized fun stepped in to make sure we couldn't continue to have fun

I to got to the minimoto races in asheboro. u said it got shut down, did u mean the shop or the racing? Can we still ride there on thursday nights?
You can call Jeremy or Ray at the Yamaha shop and they can give you the details.

what number can I call Jermey at the shop at?
Sounds Great. So let me get it al straight.

PM ride day


October 2nd

Tell mike we a re from PM

One last question. what time does it all start up? Do we need to tell cam so he can put it up on the home page or any thing?
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Awsome I am there for sure. has any on etold cam yet? if not i will be glad to? well, I think I will any way?
i got all the info sent to cam. Will he like put it up on the site some where?
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