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Atomic 50s CRF 50 / XR 50 88cc Factory Big Bore Kit

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is the Atomic 50s CRF 50 / XR 50 88cc Factory Big Bore Kit the same as the trail bikes one ? has anybody used it whats it like ? I'm thinking of getting one what else should i get with it ie oil pump diff sprokets etc ? Is it difficult to fit ? I have nver really done any engine work only changed things like swingarm , levers , shock etc so how hard is it to install for a total novice ?
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its not that hard, but you should buy it from because the head is already put together. oh and buy the honda shop manual, and just pay attention to how you took it apart. if you have any problems you have planetminis sittin' here for ya :wink:
Well i knda have to buy it from Holeshot as they ship to the UK and even though they may not be the cheapest ( Not far off) they offer the cheapest shipping by a country mile
To answer your original question, yes it is the TB kit just in a differnt package. Yes you will want a hv oil pump with it and probably going to a 15/37 gearing will be the best place to start. Installing it really isnt to complicated, only thing you may want to do is take the head to a motorcycle shop and have them assemble the valves and such in the head.
Cool thanks , what about heavy duty clutch springs ?
get them... easy to put in just make sure you pay attention on how it goes apart and put it back together the exact same way
If they are the same just go to good ol' where you will find complete and clear install instructions for the TB 88 kit
would you recomend any other kits that are out there with the valves already assembled that are only slihtly more expensive ?
Only problem with that is there arnt any that are only slightly more expensive, they are all way more expensive and not worth it to buy just because the valves are already installed.
OK cheers is it worth buying the Attomic Hd clutch or just the springs? I'm leaning towards the clutch as i'm like 200lbs !!
Yea go for the clutch, might as well.
cool thanks jester. one last thing does anyone know which pipe runs best with this kit ?
Pretty much any pipe you want will run great. I have the MiniGunz on mine and it sounds and runs really good. Has a unique sound to it.
i mean do i need a big bore exhaust ?
Anything other than a stock pipe or the FMF pipe will work perfect, as practically every pipe is bigger than stock. Just pic one you like and itll work fine.
pro circuit or Two bros it is then , cheers dude
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