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I rebuilt an ATC70 engine and installed new clutch plates at the same time which is now in the donor pit bike whose engine I used for my ATC70 a few years ago.

The clutch is now permanently engaged, in other wards it will stall in gear at idling if not moving, otherwise it performs perfectly changes gear fine etc.

Just stalls when stopping, will also start moving forward if no rider is on it if its in gear and idling.

I changed the clutch plates this weekend(was told it could be cheap aftermarket plates that are too thick I had used in rebuild), I reinstalled old ones as they were still over the service limit, the new aftermarket plates aren't much thicker than old ones.
Clutch is still the same no change.
The manual says(see attached) that the one way clutch should turn freely anti clockwise but mine turns freely clockwise and will not turn anti clockwise is this correct?
Can't see it going in any other way?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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