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I ride an SSR110 till I finish my CRF50 build, I decided to change the fork oil tonight (to a heavier oil) and thought it would be really slick if I pulled the plugs out of the bottom of the fork and let them drain for a while beforehand (because I didn't know what I was doing, servicing forks is new to me). It turns out those handy little plugs thread into another piece that sits inside (I assume this is the valve itself based on how it looks, tube with holes in the side, and a 22mm hex head). So now that I have gone ahead and removed the plugs on the bottom of the forks I need to get the plugs threaded back into this assumed valve. A 22mm socket would work great if it fit inside the fork tube. The hole in the center of the valve appears to have the shape of an allen key...would an allen socket (just a 3/8 drive socket with a hex bit more or less) be the way to go so that I may thread this plug back on? or would this be better done another way? I'm gonna see what I can do once I get around my actual tools tomorrow but in the event that just turns out to be a waste of time I'll need to figure something else out (and I'm sure someone who may read this someday will have made this mistake).

Also, I mistakenly pulled the steel upper tube out of the lower end, will I need new seals/bushings? They didn't leak before, and if I dont have to replace them I wont. Any input? should I slam the forks back together and see if they leak or just replace them? I need to have the bike back up and running by 12/16, which gives me enough time as long as it doesn't take forever and a day for shipping if shipping is required.

I appreciate any and all help. I am a mechanic (I overhaul diesel engines all day every day) and thought, "Oh sure, they're just forks...I got this." Turns out I was wrong. =P Thanks!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about I can take a couple pictures.
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