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28 Posts got me. Im 50 Caliber!....................Get out of here. We are 2 totally different companies. Look I know who the guy is and I have done business with em however we are not the same company. Also I no longer sell for their company. Hey, call them and ask, their number is 702-889-1741. And if you want call me and pick my brain I have nothing to hide. Dude, I practice honest business and only sell the best products available on the market, I ship when I say I ship and I have what I say I have in stock and I try my hardest to give everyone the best deal that I can. Ask atom rotten or fiveoaddict or just call me and ask me(jared). I am Quick50s, NOT 50 CALIBER! Come to my shop and find something to link me and I'll give every person on Planetminis a BBR perimeter frame.

50 freak your a damn good investigator, but YOUR WRONG. No discounts for you...unless your admit.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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