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50freak said:
[quote name='Quick50s']Whatever you guys do don't link it to me just because Im out of Vegas.

Considering you use the same exact tribal in both of your logos and in the backgrounds I would be safe to assume it is probably you.

But thats not the only thing I noticed. I alsonoticed that the logo of the white bike in the 50 caliper design is the SAME xact bike and design on the header of your older web design.

I also notced your ebay name has been shut off and is no longer active and had many compaints.

The new names used to sell these products have some CRAP feedback to gain a few and retain 100%....

I also noticed a related account to your ebay name they have both been logged on from the same IP. "outlawscooters" which oddly enough is in Las Vegas and has a 50 caliber type theme. Also it has the same generic feedback as the other names selling 50 caliber things.

I also noticed the logo on the white truck is the end of the quick 50s logo when i blow the picture up........ which is under uet another ebay name

Why is that?[/quote]Hmmm interesting :?
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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