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applied Heavy duty fronts?

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ok, i bought some applied springs about a month ago. when i installed them, they kept falling out of the fork legs. it appears that the provided end caps, are not sticking to good to the spring. i've thought about either, JB welding them bitches on, or just sticking the stock caps on there, jb weld seems like the easiest solution, do you guys think the jb weld will hold up, or should i go the other route?

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hmmm, jbweld isnt always the best solution.

they dont need to be attatched to the spring if the snap ring is properly set into place. they sit tight enough to hold the whole thing together.

make sure you get the clip set right, degreasing the notCh on the inside helps it stay in place. or you might need new ones.

other than that i really dont know what the problem is?
It sounds like you need new snap rings. Go buy a pair of them and see if that fixes your problem.
also use a snap ring plier, its imposibly difucult to do it without messing it up.
you can try cleaning out that groove as good as possible, even scraping it out a little bit with like a flat head or something. Just anything you can think of to make those c-clips fit in there good.
I thought I read somewhere that the clips have to go in, in a certain direction... I dont see why that would matter though. Like slayer said, make sure the c-clips are seated properly, you shouldnt have a problem if they are.
thanks guys, i ended up jb welding the caps on just incase. :wink: im going to install them today. :)
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