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Anything else?

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Just bought a 04' CRF 50 and put on the Tag Miniplay Bar kit, WRP red rims, Bridgestone m-40 tires, i-shock w/ resi, front fork springs, Sano skidplate, Sano tall seat with seat cover... I have the BBR pipe ordered. should be here next week along with the K&N air filter. Should i be able to tell any throttle response or top end? Also what swingarm should i get but not going crazy. Best for your money. Anybody know? and what bore kit should i do without ruining reliability but gaining more power? Thanks
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if u already have some bbr parts i would stay with it nd get the bbr swingarm...and i would get a 75 big bore...way more reliable nd just as much power as most 88's
you shoudl get the lahye longe travel or the lahaye extended since you already have the swingarm!!

also you should probaly get a trail bikes 88 kit cuz they are way cheaper than like all bore kits

just what i think

All of the swingarms are about the same price, but give Vince (skindoner) from RC Motorsports a call
get the sano swinger its real good, kitaco 88cc kit and your set
Go with a Five0 or other Billetware swinger, they are really nice. And go for the TrailBikes 88 kit. It is super sweet, will outperform a Kitaco or Take and is cheaper.
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