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Well, Two bikes are good, one is the xtreme 125 with custom extended swingarm gusseted frame, pitster shock, Suspension mods by Rob Mann at GP suspension ( w/kx60 springs and valving on the forks), custom aluminum directional rear wheel ( 12 inch ) with a dunlop d773, front is a fatty pitpro. Extreme motor w/ valving, pitster pro plast. seat and plates.

The next is a Team MINIME ( actual team bike, not a replica) pitster pro 125X2R w/ stock GPX motor that has only been broken in, as Chris didn't use the stock motor for racing and went with Loganbuilt for the motors.

Third is a 2001 XR50R with a Sikk Toys 110cc motor, pipe and so on

All bikes have clutches....

Extra plastic, takegawa head, Gongyu 124cc kit, extra 107 cylinder, chains, a set of extra rims unmounted ( 12 & 14) a 10 inch steel w/ tire, 1 michelin 10 inch tire, 1 Shinko 10 inch tire, Innova 12, innova 14, x treme 10, Dunlop 10" supermotard rear on gold rim, extra sprockets (40,42,39,37,36 all aluminum, mostly renthal) Keihin carb ( extra?) 1 set of protaper bars, 1 set of Tag gold, and extra set of steelies, chains... ( I am typing in the garage as I go through this) extra pegs and mounts ( 2 sets) cables in the bags, billet throttle assembly in the bag.

I'm in East Greenbush, outside of Albany NY

When I get a moment to powerwash and buff I will do that, but if you want to make a cash offer before that, feel free. I'll ebay in a couple of days.

Thanks for the advice guys
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