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This is my first post on this forum but ive been browsing it for a couple of months now, and let me say that im impressed with how many people help each other out. And thats a great thing. I see that everyone is talking about the Trailbikes kit so I have a question.

I had installed my trailbikes 88cc kit with race head and carb kit, and when I was done I started it up and there was a ticking comming from the top end, so I was like....ok, ill break it in and check the valves and see if they need adjusting. So I broke it in and the ticking went away a little bit like I expected but still not all the way. I checked the valves and obviously they needed adjusting so I did that and went for a ride. The ticking was still the same. So I checked the timing and the timing is right on the money. So I thought maybe the piston is hitting the spark plugg, so i threw a quick washer on the plugg and torqued it down and it was the same. I did install a new high volume oil pump, could that be hitting the clutch? Im not shure what it could be, but I read a couple of posts from other boards and they seem to have some ticking also, but then some people dont. The ticking is not a loud ticking but its there, loudest under idle.

But other than that the kit rips, when installing everything it started in 4 kicks and that wasent even with a primed carburetor. And I live in MA and I diddent have to make any adjustments to the carburator besides the idle screw :D . As of right now im impressed with this kits power, I can wheelie in all 3 gears without even having to pull up 8) . But yea if you have an input it would be greatly appretiated.
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