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another find look good?

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found this on craigslist local to mee,

is this any good for the money he might even take 400 bucks!
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No No No No No dont do it dude find a honda... or a Pitster. i know its cheap but thats a big No No.
he is straight up lying about paying 1700 for that bike. you can find that exact one for under 900 all over the place. or he could have really paid 1700 for it which makes him so dumb it isn't even funny.
Steer way clear
I would not even look at it twice unless I was making fun of it......
WTF, its a 4 stroke 50 engine with a 2 stroke pipe? or is it a 2 stroke engine?
hahai just realized that your right i knew something looked wierd, as for the honda comparison i already have a ssr 110-a1 that cost me about 1/4 of what a honda would cost to get it too where it is and the motor is very reliable.. as reliable as a honda, so that wasnt the concern, it was really if it worth it or not i guess not lol
oh i am.. i just want a good stunt bike to tool around on i hate riding the ssr on the street and killing the tires, i would like to use the ssr for trails and alil messing around and have another for strictly stunting
looks like mickey mouse is getting ready to ride it!
I agree running down your knobbies on the pavement sucks. So... take that money and get a spare set of wheels. Way cheaper anyway and better grip with street tires.

Did the guy mangle the stock pipe and steal the one off the neighbor kid's yz60?

$1700... bad fiction, or scary fact?
hahahahahah probably the funnieest thing i have ever seen the rimss look sooooo bad as well with everything else but especially the rims lol. DO NOT BUY!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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