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Another car audio trade? (For some 50 stuff)

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Hey guys and girls.. I have a bunch of odd ball car audio stuff I am sick of looking at and would like to swap out for some 50 stuff. Some new, some used, some old, some new.

Short version is I have all this stuff and no need for it. I am moving and don't want to bring it with me. But my 50 is pretty stock and I could use some stuff for it.

Let me know what you're thinking.

I am looking for:

A swing arm: I'd prefer at least a +2. Used is fine. I don't care about the brand or condition as long as it's straight.

a fork I really kinda want the XR70/BBR style. Used is fine. Condition means little so long as it's not bent up.

I could use a tall seat and/or a tank/seat riser kit.

A throttle. Used is fine.

Adult footpegs. Used is fine.

What I have to trade ya.

1 pair: JBL 6x9s. New

1 pair: JBL 8" subs, Dual Voice Coil. New.

1: JBL 10" sub. Used.

1 pair: Pioneer 4x10s. New.

1 pair: Alpine tweeters. From a component set. Used

1 pair: Infinity tweeters from a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I assume used.

1 35 watt x 2 Alpine amp. used

1 35w x 2 Coustic amp. used

1 50w x 2 Rockford Fosgate amp. New

1 Bose amp out of an Audi TT. I don't recall the specs on it.

I'd really like to get rid of everything in one shot. If needed I can provide specs on almost everything.

If you have something I didn't list.. try me.
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