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aftert market grips for stock crf50 bars, where do i find them?

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I want to get some different grips but not sure where to find them for stock bar. Regular size grips would be too big correct?
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Any local honda dealership

May have to order them though..
right....really not tryin to go back with stock grips but will do what i have to i guess
ninesevenfour said:
Why not go with a bar kit?

bike is for my 5yr old... ive never seen bar kit up close on one of these bikes but been told be too tall/wide for 5yr old. Wonder if i was to get set of bars for like a 65 w/ low rise and diff clamp if that would ridable for her?
that would work in terms of height, but still a bit wide.
Why not get a top clamp for around $100 and than get a set of regular bars and cut them a few inches in. Than once he out grows it throw a set of big bars on there for yourself.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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