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A few riding photos

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A few riding photos from new zealand


Just a few riding pics from the weekend



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Nice pics. Bike is sik. Is that a private track?
Nice pics and bike. That bike is sik
Nice setup and nice pics! Track looks pretty fun :)
is that still a 10 inch rear or is that a12 cant really tell
sweet track. good pics
Great pictures. The dirt on the track looks premium.
hey thanks

yea 10" rear still, ultra 88se,24mm flat slide carb, tb clutch and pro circuit t4

na its just a local track, i live in new zealand
wow i love the way that bike looks dude major props. that track look hella tight too.
yea its awesome ah, i had a g1 frame and the g2 is so much better, turns in a little slower but fixed that by raising the rear a little. the fox podium shock is so good. i have the new rebound canister in the g1 forks which is rebuildable they are awesome now, not as good as shivers but pretty close.
WoW! Nice pics and bike. Track looks like a lot of fun!
ya the red baraon package is a great package and its pretty cheap for what u get... real good service and product... love the shock too... we broke a frame the old one and they fixed us up in about a week ... great... ur bike iwll be pretty close to the one i got in the garage
way nice i like the bike alot looks nice where is that track the dirt looks nice
Those pics are the perfect reminder of why we ride these kids bikes
really nice pics, nice style. sik bike too, im diggin it :)
i love that bike. your shoes are pretty sick too. lol
Your bike is so sweet. Great pics too. Braaaaaaaaap!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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