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A few misc Z/CT sprockets and chains F.S.

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SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would like to sell as a lot to someone...If you dont want it all take what you need and pass the rest along. ;) There's a couple new sprockets I will probably never use (seeing as how I've already had them for years) 1 Sunstar CT70 sprocket 35T is new it has a few small scratches from being in a box with others. 1 new Lemans sprocket for the older Z's 35T. 1 used but useable 14T. 1 JT 15T and 1 JT 16T that both have less than 2 hours use from when I was experimenting with gearing. and 1 new take off 15T from a GPX motor (same spline as Z/CT)...1 new take-off DID chain from my KLX, size 420 X 86 links and 1 used DID gold 420 X 88 link still has lots of life in it. $55 for the whole lot shipped....hunchumaca at

Thanks for looking.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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