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96 z50 with heavy mods, trade for 110 with mods

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Eric Ketchum

Upland, CA

Im_tank_187 (at)

ill give you my phone number if you want it, but im not posting it in a thread

96 z50

this z has been in my family since it was bought new from a local Honda Dealership. my uncle bought it for his sons for Christmas 96.

mods are, uhhh lemme see if i remember them all. ill prob have to edit this because i forgot mods lol



tb new race head

tb 20mm carb

tb ho oil pump

tb hd auto clutch

tb oil cooler and plate

fast 50s full top end dress up kit

Big Gun pipe

z50 output shaft sprockets, i have like 3 diff sizes

the top end has 2 hours on it

i think the bottom end has a toasted bearing, its runs fine, starts first kick, but has a low top speed. i have written many threads about this subject


Azonic bmx bars

Fast50s bar clamp

Applied stiff fork springs

brand new hd fork bushings

Applied brake levers

Fast 50s rear hand brake kit

BBR skid plate

Fast 50s graphics kit

Applied footpegs

Kitaco real small rear sprocket, i forget the size, but i have the stock sprocket on now

Kings Tires

Badlands Tires

Cheng Shin Tires

% no throttle, but any throttle for a 50 will work

% rear corner of seat cover got chewed by dog

-welded on steer stop, strong will not break

-custom 3.5 inch extended stock swingarm. we did it the right way, it will not break

man this thing has so many awesome parts on it

i have a ton of stock parts for it as well, you can have them


not looking to ship, i can drive though, meet half way or whatever.

looking for a 110 for trade, interested for now, i dont know if i can actually let this bike go, but offer up. i have a **** load of money into this, im looking for a 110 with just as much into it, not only parts, but time, and love. i DO NOT want cash for this, it would go into something else, lol, i want a 110 for this

green stickered in california up to June 2008. we didnt re-register it for 2010 because we never got the mail from the dmv for either of our 08 bikes, so we forgot about it
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WOW. I can't believe you are actually considering getting rid of your baby. That Z is like a member of the family.

Whoever is considering trading this will be getting a well pampered one of a kind Z.
thanks scott

i thought i have all the required info in my profile, but maybe people dont look in profiles. editing now
why would even considiter parting with that bike .

pit bikes are so cheap now you could buy 2 .

i'm saying keep it.
im in college, i dont have money. would you like to buy me a 110 dave?
how much for the complete bike ?? please
im not looking to sell it

looking to trade
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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