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94 db sound limit

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Hello everyone!

i'm opening this topic cause next year (2009) in Italy we have sound limitation up to 94DB... in every championship regarding off roar motorcycle...

i was wondering if there are any quiet insert for minis exaust that do the job?

i think also in the states you'll have sound limit...

The fact is that i have 4 different exaust and don't have any idea on which one i'm under the limit

Pro Circuit with the new end

Yoshimura with stock DB Killer

Takegawa DIg Crosser


Is there any new exaust that comes out already under the limit?

i've seen on BBR 09 catalog that they have new quiet insert...

will that be under 94 DB?

tell me your opinion please :)
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are pitbikes even above 94db? maybe like a 160 v2 or above
Well what motor/head are you running? Its going to be a little hard to get that low. But for sure your going to loose abit of power.
I hope we get the sound limit. Break it and be put on death roll!

That Leo vince shouldn't be very loud. It's a euro pipe; those are typically much more quiet that gets made in the good ol US of A.
As "responsibility through regulation" increases, power will come back.
For sure head makes the difference

i run a 124 super head + r but it isn't louder than most 150s...

first time i'll try i'll let you know...

hope it'll happen before first race the 17 of Jan.

Thank you anyway :)
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