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88cc vs. 110cc

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Does anyone no if the TB 88cc BBk with head and carb

will out run a stock drz 110?
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The 110s seem to have more top end.

The 88 will be faster through bottom though.
ok i was just wonderin if i should get that kit or not

cause the one i have now is only a 85 and has more

bottom and not as much top so i guess it wouldn't be

worth it.
I just ran a race last saturday against a bunch of KLX and DRZ110's that pretty much all of them had mods done to. My TB 88 race head easily pulled the holeshot in the first moto and none of them could touch me down any of the straights. The TB 88 definetly had alot more acceleration than the 110's, although I do beleive they would have more overall topend. So to your question, yes the TB 88 with head and carb will pretty much destroy a stock 110.
Ok, well does anyone no how it compares to a xtreme motor?
Tb, for the money is by far the best. The quality is comperable to Takegawa, and they have complete head/bore kits for like $400! You can't go wrong with that. You would be fairly untouchable for $400 and change....

Anyone who needs anything TB PM me ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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