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88 kits

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kk been doing a little research on 88 kits/etc, whats everyones opinion on the 88 to get thats practical $$ and performance wise..?

at first i wanted the carb and cam/etc, but i think you can get a TB88 with a carb for not much more then a 75 kit, right? im going to be racing but want to jump a lot, i want something thats smooth and controlable.. for now ill have the stock swingarm sooo yah
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Go with the TB kit for $275, and you wont be disapointed. Best 88 kit bang for your buck.
i know i wont be dissapointed but i wouldnt be with a 75 either.. are they controlable? i hear some pretty crazy stories about 88s on stock swingarms.. is the 88 alone not worth it?

and how does the oil pump go in - do you have to pull the clutch or not? will i need it with the stock head
Its not uncontrollable at all, I run a 88 race head with manual clutch on a stock framed bike and once you get used to it you learn to control it very easily. Even the 88 by itself is still alot better than the 75, cheaper and still more power. To install the oil pump the clutch does have to be removed, but running a stock head the high flow oil pump inst needed.
im not really interested in the cam, i think an 88 with a carb would be nice.. anyone have that set up?
we r talking about an under 100cc pretty sure that just about anyone can hop on a fiddy and be able to control it.........i mean come on its less than 9hp. if i were you i would go for the nuttiest 88 kit you can get your hands on. that being the kitaco 88se for 1100 bucks. if you wanna go the route on a tight budget go for the TB full bbk....head, cam, and all the goodies for half that price.

and remember these r little fiddies....i dont think you should let it intimidate you. :roll:
rite now im running a 106 on stock swingarm because rc's long travel isnt out yet and im holding out for that, i pin my 106 in fourth gear going around tracks and trails, i jump with it, and i have plus 1's cuz my marzochi forks are getting a new stem made,

an tb 88 wont be too much for you to control
well, thx for the reply but having never ridden one i cant say i will like it or not.. im not out there to have the most "hp" just to feel proud.. i bet you sport some jap car lowered with tips, i wish i had one :roll: :lol:

edit - i didnt mean to be scared of the 88, i meant actual throttle control you have over it.. to jump you dont want uncontrolable, unlinear power - its nice to have it smooth so your consistant.. i could hop on a 117 and go in a straight line or around a track if i wanted to, but thats not all im looking for
lol if you were talkin to me, thatd be a negative lol, i aint got a car
nah, talkin to pimpin
I'm looking at the tb88 myself.. If i do it i'm gonna get the HD springs and oil pump cause it seems necesarry... I'm just kinda iffy on it cause the amount of work and I know that stock 50's are bulletproof... Since i'm not all hardcore about racing i dont want to sacrifice durabilty for performance.
Dont worry about reliability. I am running the full TB setup, and ride it everyday, high rpm's up and down the road, low speed clutch slippage and all, never skips a beat. I think the TB kit is just as reliable as a stock motor, so dont let that stop ya.

But back to Rmrider, dont worry about the power not being controllable, its very linear feeling, and I would also really recomend the cam. The kit for $275 is really hard to beat for all that comes with it.
yea i need to have the most hp...thats why i drive a rice rocket.................

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I'm feelin your signature... thats kanye on dilated peoples new album...
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