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The only way you are going to get a firm answer is through someone who has done dyno testing on all three products. I doubt this is ever going to happen.

Here's my subjective results:

I've run the Kitaco 88 Ultrahead setup, and the Trailbikes kit, both with the same pipe, and the TB kit makes just as much power at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, all the bore kits are manufactured in Taiwan. Kitaco and Takegawa merely box their parts in Japan and ship them off.

Buy what you want, and run what you brung..

If someone wants to find out for sure I have a dyno at my dads shop. People could send me one of each then I could install them on a STOCK bike and dyno them. Dyno tune each one for everything that comes with kit and then post the results. We would need to pick an exhaust also so there would be less variables. I would need an exhaust, basic kits for each one, jets, also need carbs from each kit so we are not running a carb that doesn't come with that big bore kit. Just remember that horsepower is not the thing to keep in mind. How they perform on the track is the most important thing you can ask for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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